Black Rock Desert, Nevada – 1999

At the edge of the Black Rock Desert, practically on the playa – truly “God’s country” if there were a god, and I guess it’s all subjective, so I should shut the fuck up about that. You cross the playa, then cross the tracks, then scramble up to that little dirt and alkali dust track you see on the right, take it a quarter mile, then turn right and you will almost immediately find Trego Hot Ditch,a truly remote and sublime place to soak your sorry ass after a hard day on the highway trying to make for this place by dark. The Burners are there now, but it’ll be all mine after they leave. This was in 1999. The freights come through and will blow their whistles at you if they see you soaking in the ditch.

Black Rock Desert, Nevada - 1999

Black Rock Desert, Nevada – 1999

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