Cup and Saucer Luncheonette – NYC

On the corner of Eldridge and Canal, in the Lower East Side/East Chinatown area, the Cup and Saucer remains. I love the place, love that it still exists, love the sign, love the lettering – standard signage for, what, the 50’s? the 60’s? I’d say it’s a mid 50’s New York City diner. Only, on the other sign, the one that hangs and which I did not show, it’s not called a “diner,” but a “Luncheonette,” that happy word which just doesn’t seem to exist any more and which will most likely be completely dead and forgotten within two generations, at the most.

I’m going to drop in and get a bite the next time I’m down there, which should be soon.

Cup & Saucer Luncheonette, East Chinatown, NYC - 2013

Cup & Saucer Luncheonette, East Chinatown, NYC – 2013

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