Flagstaff, Arizona – 1999

The Hotel Monte Vista, in Flagstaff. I know nothing more of the place than that, one night I was passing through Flagstaff on my way somewhere, probably East, but it could have been any other point on the compass, and I saw this sign from the corner of my eye. Since it was 1999, before the day of hand-held night shots – or before I got lazy, depending on how you see it – I pulled out my tripod and took a few shots, bracketing the exposure time a bit. It has sat around in my pile of photos ever since, that pile slowly growing higher out by the old tree stump. One person was once smitten by and and asked for a copy. That’s about it. Still, something always grabs me from this photo, this sign. When I just went to confirm that it was Flagstaff and that it wasn’t my head playing tricks on me, the first search hits returned links on how it is supposedly haunted. Is that a marketing ploy? Will some places stop at nothing in order to drum up business? I’ll bet there actually is a large enough pool of interested parties to sustain a ghost tourism economy. Either way, the sign certainly has some spirit to it. Flagstaff, itself, always seems cold and snowy. It’s the elevation. It’s a lesser, but still significant crossroads for me. If I’m not passing through, I’m usually stopping there to shop on my way north, towards the Grand Canyon.

Flagstaff, Arizona - 1999

Flagstaff, Arizona – 1999

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