2nd Avenue, NYC 2007

This place is gone now, too, along with other satellite remnants of the old Bowery neighborhood. This guy used to specialize in automotive locks, but he was not really the greatest craftsman. Perhaps I’m judging him too harshly, though, as my assessment is based solely on one strange job I brought him. I had been so pissed off with the broken, ancient, early-technology power window on my old Wagoneer’s tailgate that I found and  purchased a hand-crank based version somewhere. I needed to get it keyed to my car keys and I brought it to him. He worked on that sucker for 45 minutes, god bless him, and finally got it to sort-of work, but it was quite wonky. He did put in a lot of time and he did not charge me much. I never installed it, though, and found a used electric actuator on ebay, which I then installed. I sold that Wagoneer not too many years after that, and moved on to the glorious, trouble-free Tacoma, which saw me through many tens of thousands of miles in this great land. This place is now a high-end something or other in the fabulous new downtown theme park of Lower East Side-landia.

2nd Avenue, NYC - 2007

2nd Avenue, NYC – 2007

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