Crescent Junction, Utah – 2007

First time I hit Crescent Junction was the early 90’s, and I was in a rush, probably didn’t appreciate it, didn’t have much of a camera – maybe a film point-and-shoot and, besides, didn’t photograph it. At the time, it probably would have just been a filling station and an old cafe at the bottom of an exit ramp to me. A tiny exit cluster in Southeastern Utah while I was on my way to either Moab or Hanksville and greater glory. I know I got gas there.

I have passed through Crescent Junction many times since then, when it was abandoned and, more recently, after it’s latest rebirth. No matter, I always stop now, to see what’s happening at the bottom of that exit ramp, to commune with the old Sinclair dinosaur, to see if the “Population: Variable” mural still exists. Then, I drive on, either to Moab or Hanksville or to Colorado, on the way back east,  after the glory and on the way home.

Crescent Junction, Utah - 2007

Crescent Junction, Utah – 2007

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