The “C” Train – West 4th Street – NYC

I am not certain, but I’m pretty sure that these ridgie, corrugated stainless steel cars are from the 60’s. I recall them from when I was quite young. Then again, I also have memories of cars in the 70’s that seemed to have been relics of the 30’s and 40’s – white enamel hand loops, small ceiling and wall fans, and wicker seats. Was this just a byproduct of too many hallucinogens? A trans-dimensional shift? An over-active imagination?

I don’t think so.

Either way, these cars have to be some of the oldest ones on the line at the moment, but I think they are holding up well from an aesthetic standpoint.

The "C" Train at West 4th Street, NYC - 2013

The “C” Train at West 4th Street, NYC – 2013

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