Ely, Nevada – 1998

I have shots of this sign taken at different times over the years. It’s easy to shoot – it used to be, at any rate, but I have not been there in a while – as there used to be a vacant lot next to it. I’ll have to check it out the next time I pass through Ely. It’s one of those Western boom-or-bust mining towns, so it’s not always easy to get a room in Ely. There’s no shortage of older motels, though. There’s also a great grocery store, one that caters to the ranches for hundreds of miles around as much as it caters to the locals, the transient travelers and the RV people who pass through. You can find huge containers of ice cream, pickled eggs, condiments, sacks of flour and beans. You name it, they have it and they have it in bulk. If you need to drive 100 miles or more, some of it over dirt, once every couple of weeks, in order to get to a store, this is where you’d go.

Anyway, that’s on the other side of town from this sign. This is close to the strip on the western side of town, where Highway 50 drops you at the bottom of a steep grade with an old casino, the remnants of an old brothel, the public school, the town cemetery, and a bunch of aging motels.

I have not stayed here yet, but I have spent nighthawks transient night in Ely. It’s pronounced “Ee-lee,” by the way.

Ely, Nevada - 1998

Ely, Nevada – 1998

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