U.S. Route 395 – California – 2001

U.S. Route 395 runs the length of California, from top to bottom, and then continues northward to greater glory and Oregon, It’s a well-used road and you can often find truckers, hunters, vacationers, and pilgrims of all sorts going somewhere, usually fast, sometimes slowly. When I am on 395, it usually means I’m soaking or on my way to soak or see something interesting. I’m usually quite happy to be there.

This stretch is below the military base town and overnight oasis of Ridgecrest and above the junction with California Route 58, the Barstow Bakersfield Highway, a desert crossroads that goes by a few different names. Anyway, these high tension line towers follow the road for a long time, essentially making it a power line road, but that’s a bit of an insult to a major US highway, isn’t it?

Either way, I like the harshness and geometry of the towers and the desert country, even if they do introduce some hideous man-made ugliness into the picture.

I hung this photo in a cafe once and one of the chefs, a native of Mexico, came up to me and said “This looks like my country.” I still want to visit the Baja, but not at this moment.

U.S. Route 395, California - 2001

U.S. Route 395, California – 2001

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