Needles, CA – 1999

I’m always coming into Needles at a bad time to take photos. Or, worse, I’m usually blowing through on my way to someplace else and only stop long enough to get gas and, perhaps, hit the Dairy Queen over on the crappier side of town. This is unfortunate, as Needles has some well-preserved old signs and buildings. The locals may disagree with me, but I really like seeing how these ancient places persist, year after year. This is part of an old strip. I believe most of these places are still there but, then again, this is already 14 years later and even an old desert town has to surrender some victims every year in the name of “progress” and new fast food chains. I like how this place is “modern” and how it boasts of only “TV” and “Air Conditioning.” Nothing about in-room phones, color on the TV or, heaven forbid, “Wifi.” They may have these amenities, but they will not add them to the sign. Then again, wifi was pretty rare in a motel back then, if it existed at all. That’s another story for another day, though.

Needles, California - 1999

Needles, California – 1999

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