125th Street, NYC

Uptown yesterday.

I love the botanica places, the religious artifact places, the odd object places. I love that they still exist, even in the midst of gentrification, despite the changes. In this case, some of the changes are fast food places – big national chains – replacing the local, greasy fast food places. Columbia University, unfortunately, is doing to uptown what NYU has been doing to downtown for the last 20 years.

Hopefully, these folks have a long lease. I know that all I do is complain about how nothing remains the same and everything always gets torn down in the name of progress. This series of photos should be called “The End of New York” or something along those lines. I have also talked about having come to some peace and acceptance with this phenomenon. In fact, I realize that it has always been this way with New York, and that every generation is entitled to its moans, groans and angst over the destruction of their youthful memories. I suppose the preservation of Paris is the good fortune and the curse of the Parisians. They get to keep their memories forever, but they are denied the kvetching, the hand-wringing, the bonding with generational peers of the shared loss.

Anyway, I hope this little place survives. Whatever my religious beliefs may or may not be, I like knowing where I can pick up a little Jesus statuary, some religious bling, if I suddenly needed it.

125th Street, NYC

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