East 35th Street, New York City

This photo has nothing to do with the idea of pre or postlapsarianism, but my mind was on those two words, those two states, actually, tonight. Then, when I was looking through some photos, I saw this – something with a religious bent that also had a touch of the mundane in it – and I figured it was as good a post as any in which to mention my musings on the fall. Should I have said “The Fall?”

I have either a cold tonight or my first allergy attack in over 30 years. It’s hard to tell which one. Either way, I don’t like it. It takes so little to throw off my equilibrium. I can handle clusterfucks and shit shows, mind you, but give me a runny nose and tearing eyes and I get real pissy, real fast. Anyway, I saw a photo on Facebook of someone from a long time ago. It was probably not from an innocent time in this person’s life, but it was from a long way up the ladder before the ultimate fall. In fact, you could look at this photo, then imagine the years of ugliness ahead and just shudder.

That got me to thinking about the idea of “prelapsarian.” Then, of course, “postlapsarian.” Then, I began to think about which was more interesting a state to think about or to observe. I decided that innocence was a more interesting state, but perhaps I’m wrong.

East 35th Street, New York City

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