Southern Tennessee – 2013

Southern Tennessee - 2013

So much happening here, just a mile or two off of the interstate in Tennessee. This one comes from a time that I can remember, and the rocket flames, thunderbolts and flying saucers are something that were very real to me as a kid. Some kids somewhere used to say, not “let’s go play miniature golf,” but “LET’S GO TO PUTT ‘N’ STUFF!!!” Young potheads in the 70’s probably said “Let’s meet at Fantasy Land.”

What a name. What art. What a sight it must have been when the lightbulbs around the sign were lit. What a proud moment when the original owner stepped back and looked upon his sign for the first time. Was there a problem that prompted the plywood with the “Open, please pay inside” sign? Why was that window boarded up? And what is that little creature on top of the golf tee? Were the Pac-Men added later on? I could study this sign for a while and never tire. What always draws me into it are the washed out blue cinder blocks. Funny how that works.

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